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Lend, Borrow, AI, Rise.

Kredly, as a lending protocol, harnesses AI-driven market analysis to fortify the reliability and security of its platform, mitigating risks beyond price manipulation such as fraud detection, credit risk assessment, and ensuring fair and transparent lending practices.

Smart Contract (Testnet)

Lending / Borrow

Decentralised lending and borrowing solution. Deployment of Advanced Algorithms to ensure reliable and predictable outcomes.Automated Market-Making Mechanisms.Governance Mechanisms that allow token holders to participate in decision-making

Artificial Intelligence Oracle Protocol

Off-chain AI Analytics Engine, which analyses data from multiple Oracles. On-chain Smart Contracts that can interact with AI analytics engine. Data Verification Layer that ensures the integrity and authenticity of the AI data before used on chain.

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Fair Lending and Borrowing
with AI driven oracle

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Accuracy and Efficiency

Kredly AI can process a vast amount of data more quickly and accurately than traditional lending protocols, offering more reliable and timely price feeds.

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Dynamic Adjustment
of Loan Parameters

By using AI-generated price feeds, Kredly can dynamically adjust loan parameters, which will ensure loan terms remain fair and sustainable.

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Predictive Analytics

Kredly AI oracle protocol can not only provide current market prices future markets trends based on historical data.

Safety is our priority

SolidProof audit guarantees the quality and security of lending and borrowing protocol.

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News & Activities

$KRAI TokenKredly AI DappRoadmap
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